PoetRunner InsaneRunning podcast

Running Shorts: RunningPoet Podcast

Last week I had the privilege to be a guest at the PoetRunner radio podcast. It was a fantastic and unique experience for me. I have to say, that I do not envy all the people that do live radio/podcasts. One thing is just talking with others about running, or during a group run, but having it broadcast live and recorded and then posted for posterity is a different story. The PoetRunner podcast combines guests… continue reading.

VO2Max VO2Peak test feature blog post

Running Shorts: VO2Max or VO2Peak

Last year in May I was fortunate to be part of a Health UNC Study about diabetes and exercise. They were looking for volunteers to take on a multi-week test in which they were going to take different body and health measurements, analyses, and data during a series of specific exercises. The first thing they asked me to do was to come in for a baseline and overall test during the 1st week. I was… continue reading.