The Triple Crown Challenge for the bling

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Alright, last half marathon I suffered a lot. This time I decided to take it easy and just finish relax and with energy. This event is held at the same start/area than my 1st half. The route was very similar, just the trail part was slightly different, but same hill at the end, the Lasseter Hill.  In this event I am running with my friend Roland to complete the triple crown challenge.

midtown_series_2013The event started very uneventful. I had to stop to use the porta potty about mile three, after that I felt great. Had to push a little bit after the quick stop to caught up with Roland. The temperature was still warm and this, as I mentioned earlier, was a different route during the trail portion. With lots of small ups and down with the occasional challenge hill. Miles 5 to 8 were more flat and straight. Since this flat portion was in the trails the shade was very nice. Roland and I hang around for about 7 miles. Even though I knew it was not going to be a PR race, I decided to try and do negative splits and conquer the last hill. (Lasseter Hill the one that I have not being able to conquer since my 1st half marathon) Plus that hill is just before the finish line to complete the Triple Crown Challenge to finish on a high note.

All was well and accomplished what I needed to do with the exception of the hill. About 3/4 of the way, I had to walk a little bit to get some air. Although I was not able to run and conquer the last hill, still it was a good event for me. Roland finished well within his goal for the event and we got the extra bling of the Triple Crown! SweeeEEEEeeeet!!

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Jun-13;;;Midtown race series;;;NC;;;Half;;;2:20:47;nn;
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Event Highlight & Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Some ups and downs at during first couple miles and last. Other than that remains mostly flat.

Weather: Warm and slightly humid

T1D: Slightly high but within running range.

Learning Points:

  • The extra bling is awesome
  • Need to figure out how to train smart