The 5k that it was not supposed to be

Occoneechee Speeway 5k, Carlos Candelaria, HillsboroDifferent from previous events, I decided that for my next 1/2 and/or full marathon, I was going to do some easy 2-3 miles the day before. I have seen other do a shake out run prior to their events. So on Saturday, I was planning to take my to her swimming practice and go to the trail I normally go to do my runs for a short quick run. when I got there, there was a police patrol unit directing traffic away from the parking lot to the Occoneechee Speedway and trails. I stopped and ask what was going on. He asked me if I was doing the 5k, I told that I came to just do a short run. He explained that there was a 5K that was about to start. I thought maybe, I have time to sign up and run.

I proceed to the parking lot area across the street, I walked fast to the registration area, paid 40 dollars and fast jog to the starting line. The event just started and I began to run with the 5k back of the pack. I was not my best 5k, as I was constantly trying to keep in mind, “this is to be an easy run, slow down”.  Running the trails and at the event felt great, I knew I was not going to PR the 5k but it was fun. Many things will prevent a PR, no warm up, not a prior light breakfast, recent training was for the not a short distance event.At the end a very humble but cheering crowd. Very nice and welcoming. Lots of and a family feel and atmosphere. I finished with a time of 28 minutes and some change. I stopped, grabbed a water bottle and decided to jog some more, following similar route once again. Occoneechee Speeway 5kI came across a family, a lady with two kids, they were doing great, she asked me if I was doing the loop twice, I said no that I was just finishing some distance to complete 4 miles. Then she asked if I was doing to at Raleigh tomorrow, I responded with a happy “YES!” and she also mentioned that she was going to be there doing the half marathon as well. We chatted for a little while and one of her kids want it to walk for a little bit, we say goodbye and wished each other good luck. I finished my run, did some more light walking and call it for the day. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

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Apr-15;;;Occoneechee Speedway 5k;;;NC;;;5k;;;28:55;nn;
[/vtftable] [vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlight & Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Confusing course with the exeption of the actual speeday. Portion is ran on narrow trail. Fun short event.

Venue: Start/finish are simple with free donuts.

Expo: No expo.

Weather: Cloudy skies, 41º with 52% humidity.

T1D: Sugars were fine.


Race: Water

Post: Water and of course a donut

Learning Points:

    • Impromptu event can be exicting and fun