4 miles on the Fourth, more than a 5k


This was an Impromptu event, a friend from work mentioned this 4-mile event on the Fourth of July couple weeks ago. I decided to give it a try and see how I do on a short race that is a tad longer than a 5k. Since it has bee a while since I have done a 5k or 10k, this seems like a happy midpoint. No special training, just relax and ready for a fast run. I went to pick up the race bib and sign up for the event. No T-shirt, which I am fine with that, but there were giving away a nice jar with cinnamon granola. I was a happy camper.

Next morning the usual oatmeal, latte, water and a banana to eat an hour before the event starts. Got to the area, waited in the car for a little bit, ate the banana and with about 25 minutes to the start. I went out for a quick warm-up jog. I did 2 miles, jog slow and easy since I had 6 easy training miles scheduled for this day. After I was done I walked around, met with my friend from work and lined up at the start. This was going to be a gun start, so no chip time. I did not line up 1st in line but a few rows back. I want it to be careful not to go too fast too early. But around me, there was all shapes and ages so I figure out it was ok.

At the start, everybody went out way too fast to my taste. I went out faster than I want it and still, people were going like this was a half-mile race. I decided to keep my faster pace but with caution and not to go all out. I figure that by mile 1 there will be a lot of people slowing down. I was wrong, they did not slow down they were holding the pace pretty well, so I needed to speed up a little bit to be able to at least pass a few individuals. It was crazy, every time I was speeding up a bit, it seems like everyone was doing the same. The route was not a bad one, there were not any big hills or downhills for that matter. There were rolling inclines that were fine. I kept pressing on and just slowing down a bit to not cross that point of not being able to run without hurting much.

With about less than a mile to go, there was this other runner that we were basically running side by side. Passing each other constantly. As I was passing somehow we tripped each other. Not bad, but bad enough for both of us to lose the cadence. Later with less than 150 meters to go, he passed me, moved in front and slowed down. Once again we tripped, just enough to create awareness. I pressed on but at that time it was too late for me. He pressed on as well and I did not have the energy to follow and/or to pursue. He finished 3-4 seconds ahead of me and that was ok. As I write this, I crack a small smile while enjoying the moment.

My friend finished not too far behind me. I do not know at what point I passed him since he was probably within the 1st and second row at the start. He mentioned that he went too fast very early and that found himself in some trouble by the halfway point. I guess I was so involved in my running that did not realize that I have passed him some time after mile 3. He did this event last year and was the one that recommended it to me. I am glad I did because it was a different type of event and it was lots of fun. He want it to improve his time from last time. I hope he did.