Running Shorts: You know, they know, you are a runner


running gear from xmas gifts 2018


Want it to drop a note and wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Today, the day after Christmas, I had an a ha! moment. When I looked at all the gifts I was fortunate to receive this year, they were mostly running gear. Have I talked to my family about running during the past year? Have they seen me posting about my runs? Have they seen me running? I guess the answer is YES!!!!

Got really good things, running shirts, runner’s ornament, headset, socks, a rain jacket that can’t wait to try and use. But the one I gift love the most was the one from my wife and daughter, an NYC Marathon plaque from this past November with my medal and bib from the race. I loved that event and they knew. It was so great when I opened and saw the plaque. I am, very fortunate and blessed with great family and friends.

I guess I love running and they know I love running.

Happy Holidays!