Attempting the 5k again…


A month after the my previo31secindsus running event I ran this race because of the 31 seconds that caused me to be over 30 minutes goal time. This time I was going to put in place a few things I learned from my other two races. One thing for starters, this time I went to pick my bib early so I would not miss the T-shirt. Also since it was near where the race was going to take place, I drove around where we were going to be running to see what to expect. That gave me at least an idea of what I was going to encounter and able to think about how to tackle with some planning in advance. This time I am not going blind or with too many unknowns, I want it to do the research and understand the route better. The course was hilly. With a few steep, but shorts ups and downs, followed by couple long ones. Basically in and out course. The mid portion was relative flat. I knew that it was a great opportunity to improve my time and get close to break the 30min goal. I figure out that if I take it easy on the long hills and push during the short one, I could get close to my goal.

The run went uneventful, not easy but uneventful. Glad to say that I was able to achieve my goal and a PR for the year. One big different from the previous events I have participated was that in this one there were two races, my 5k and a 1/2 Marathon. The 5k needed to wait since it was going to start after the first (main) event. I saw the starting of the 1/2 Marathon race, very inspiring lots of people, all shapes and all ages. I got to see what they were carrying with them for that event. Some had gels, water bottles, carrying a banana and other types of containers. They were wearing long socks, some sort of tights shorts and all kind of shirts and shorts. I realize that these individuals were as average as I was. Well the only difference is that that day they were going to finish a Half Marathon and I was not. I did not know I had a running bucket list but at that point, I decided that I want it to do at least one Half Marathon so I added it to the bucket list.


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Course:    Street course. Nice going around the PNC Arena. Some shorts ups and down with couple long hills. Mid portion is flat. Very wide road.

Weather:  Clear skies & very chilly

and Expo: Nice T-Shirt, No Expo

T1D:       Not paying much attention at this time. I do not know why.

Learning Points:

  1. It pays to do the homework.
  2. All kinds of people finishes a Half Marathon smiling