Here we go, lets try this again


RunfortheOakMar12My second try to a 5k, in a very cold, cold morning. Five months after the 1st 5k and the problem with my calf during that event, I want it to be able to run the entire event without any issues. There are more people at this event around 700. Much more than the Cisco 5k with about 100. Feeling very nervous once again, since I do not know what to expect in term of the route. I have seen the google map and have been in the area (by car) before, but really I do not know how to make a plan of attack that makes sense for this to tackle the 3.1 miles. So no elevation chart analysis or route comparison. I can’t even start the process of thinking which portion I was going to tackle and push more.

Once again I had the pleasure to have my wife and daughter with me during this event, providing the much needed support and positive thinking. We got to the area early enough to pick my running bib and time tracking device. Different from the previous event in which the tracking was glued to the running bib, this time I needed to attached it to my shoe laces. Different but ok. Unfortunately, since I was unable to pick the bib the day before at a predetermine location there were not more event T-shirts available. That was kind of sad, because I was very proud of the Halloween running shirt from last years event.  The event went well, after all I was able to finish very close to the 30 minutes mark I want it. Although there was just a little bit of walking close to the end, that is an improvement of more than 3 minutes in a 5k. Not too shabby. I will definitely will look for another 5k to run in the near future, I am linking this running a race thing more and more.


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Mar-12;;;Run for the Oaks;;;NC;;;5K;;;0:30:31;nn;


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Course:       Street course and mostly flat. Very wide road.

Weather:   Clear skies & very chilly

T1D:            Not paying much attention at this time. I do not know why.

Learning Points:

  1. Knowing the course in advance is always an advantage.
  2. Try to pick your bib early so you won’t miss the event T-shirt
  3. More people in the event = more excitement.