2011 Running Summary


2011 its coming to a close. I am very happy with what I was able to accomplish this year. Participating and finishing the Cisco Food Bank 5k was an awesome experience. The training, the miles, the learning, the good and the not so good all was part of this 1st year of training.

A few things I learned, running with old shoes, not a good idea. When I finally tossed the 6 year old running shoes, I was slow and in some pain. Switching to new running shoes was the changed that produced the best improvement I had this year. Better comfort, less leg pains, faster and longer runs. You read the advise in many sites, magazines and in conversations. It is true, a well fitted and in good shape running shoe makes a huge difference between enjoying a run or not.

Finding a training plan was the second. The C25K program, takes you slowly to achieve that finish race goal in a consistent manner. The key for any kind of program is to stick to it. When there is a run, you commit to run it and finish it. It takes time and perseverance, specially at the first two to three weeks. Those are the weeks in which you are trying to establish a routine that will enable reach for your goals. Take it serious, remember that all is in the choices you make to make things happen.

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