I see Santa… …a few miles behind.


SantaRunDec12_3This one by far, was one of my favorite runs in 2012, the last race for the year. I was able convinced Bianca (My daughter) to run this 5k with me. The reality is that, she is a really good competitive swimmer and does not really like to run much. Well, she will run really fast, if it is to the pool. The only way to convince her was to make the event not about running but about having fun. I told her that if she runs this race with me, I would run the event dressed as Santa. But she needed, of course, to dress up with some Christmas theme outfit. She agreed and off we went to gather my Santa costume and after a trip to the store and gathering a few things here and there, she ended up deciding to dress like an Elf. Since we figure out that she, as a Santa’s Elf, will be helping me to be able to finish this event.

It was a great race. The temperature was a little bit warmer and sunny for a mid December day. Running dressed as Santa proved to be more challenging than I was expecting. The costume was little bit heavy and it kept sliding over my shoulders. Since I had my running shirt and short underneath, I did not have any problem with chafing, but the more time under the sun and the more sweaty I got the heavier the costume got and the faster that it want it to keep slide. But nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to see a decent amount of runners with festive colors, enjoying the run.

Bianca ran the entire time, perhaps stopping only once to grab something to drink at the water station. Needless to say that she finished well ahead of me. So much for a helping Elf I say. In all, it was tons of fun to be able to finish such fun event with her. She even end up third in her age group and winning the overall best costume prize. Cashing a Christmas bonus!!! It was AWESOME!!!


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Dec-12;;;RTP Fitness Santa Run;;;NC;;;5K;;;32:46;nn;


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Course:    Street course. Mostly flat and one turn around. Water station well manned.

Weather:  Sunny, initially cold & but gets very warm during the sunny segments.

and Expo:  Cotton Shirt, No Expo

T1D:       Not paying much attention at this time.

Learning Points:

  1. Running with the family can become little bit competitive. (Specially for the kids)
  2. Running just for the fun of it provided a different kind of fun experience.
  3. No pressure, no timing, just Ho Ho Ho!