2012 Running Summary


2012number13 Another year has gone by, 2012 is the 1st full running year. I am very pleased with what I was able to accomplish this year. The training miles, research, reading, trying, learning, the ups and downs, being able to complete more than one half marathon, participating and finishing a year over year repeat event with the Cisco Food Bank 5k to name a few of the running items that I was able to complete this year.

My learning from the year includes,

  1. Out of all that, the most important learning for me was to be able to run for fun. Not that I did not enjoy the challenges, pushing to achieve PRs, taking this sport seriously, but realizing that I am having fun doing it is great.
  2. To keep in mind that not all events are going to end with a PR or great performance. It gave me the opportunity to learn about differentiate, tiredness vs. exhaustion vs. an injury waiting to happen.
  3. Logging and recording the miles provides insightful perspective and the realization that the so call running base from which to grow as a runner exist.
  4. Running form varies from person to person what works for one does not means that will work for me.
  5. Running plans are a good place to start and use, only if you understand what are they talking about. Tempo huh? Fartlek?


The new running year is coming fast and for the first time, even thought the fall running season is just over, I already have a few events that I signed up for. This coming year a big half marathon event out of state in Florida and at Disney awaits. But more importantly for me, I am pursuing the Marathon. 2013number26I guess the dreams and the challenges that are created to surpass the previous goals shows you that the insanity is too much to resist.

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