The great Nemesis appears and suddenly there is a challenge.


After a very close to DNS (Did not Start) due to traffic on my last event, I decided to leave way way early from my house for this event. After eating some breakfast, got there with plenty of time. My glucose readings were good and well within the running range. Looked around a bit while the event crew was setting up the event area. Not much later I met with my running training friend Roland. Unfortunately, he has been suffering some problems with his leg that have prevented him from running well and affected his training schedule/plan. Since this was part of the triple challenge and I came off running a PR in my previous event, the goal was to finish and get ready for the last event of the challenge.

The event started with no fanfare, we decided to start from the back of the corral. One thing I learned in the past adventure was that constantly passing running provides a good confidence feeling that helps during the event. We started at a slow pace for the first few miles. We planned to walk a little bit at the water stations and then keeping a really good decent pace. Slowly picking as many runners, we were trying to have a strong steady race. Close to mile 8, there was this other runner that started to pass by. The runner ran the previous event and finished about the same time as my friend. As he was slowly passing us, we exchanged some comments.

nemesisAfter a few meters passed by and a greater distance between us and that runner, my friend told me the story from the last event. They ran pretty much side by side for a few miles and exchanged stories and words of encouragement. That is how they met. At the last part of the event closer to the finish line, Roland was able to outrun him in the last half a mile to finish ahead of him as they both quietly sped up to the finish line and basically starting a friendly unspoken competition. Because of that competition and because we did not knew his name, we started to call him “The Nemesis”.

 But this time it was different. The Nemesis was passing us way early in the race. So, we decided to press on and kept him in sight, not too close, but not too far. My friends leg started to bother him and we started to slow down a bit. There was no reason to push and cause a more painful injury. Mile 9 and 10 came and went, catching the Nemesis seems like it was going to be out of reach.

I knew he was disappointed about it, but running with an injury and in pain is no fun and we still had one more half in two weeks to complete the Fall Triple Crown. Halfway mile 10, I decided to press on and increased the pace. My friend said, “go ahead, catch him” and give me the green light to go after the nemesis.

The new goal was not to PR (That was going to be an impossible at this point of the event) but to find the Nemesis and finish ahead of him. Off I went, passing runners, running close to the tangents of the curves and running as fast as I could but knowing that there were only 3 miles left. Finally, I saw him in the distance and with target in sight I pressed on. With about 3/4 of a mile to I caught up, we exchanged a few words and I pressed once again to finish well ahead.

My friend Roland finished well, considering the pain he was in. This turned out to be another good fun event for me, having the challenge of going after “The Nemesis” was fun and full of adrenaline.

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Oct-13;;;Run Raleigh;;;NC;;;Half;;;2:17:33;nn;


[vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlight & Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: The routes is very wide, mostly on streets. With a couple miles of paved trail.

Venue: Start/finish line with a few vendors, snacks and food.

Expo: No Expo

Weather: Clear skies, 64º with high humidity.

T1D: Sugars within running range at start. Remained steady all the way to the end.

Fueling: Pre-Race: 1 serving Hot Cereal, banana and Latte. One PowerGel (Tangerine) with double caffeine 15min before the start.

               Race: Carried a bottle with Cytomax mix and water at the water station. A gel every 4 miles.

               Post: Oranges, a banana and water

Learning Points:

    • Starting in the back and picking runners as I go provides a lift in confidence.
    • Not all races are for PR, sometimes enjoying the event is just good enough.
    • Unexpected challenges/goals can appear during a race (The Nemesis) Take advantage of those to make the event a remarkable event