Second Half in one month


Here we are again, running the Raliegh 13.1 fall event. In the past, this event has always started at a parking lot near the Northhill’s shopping area and the route took runners down a hill and to the greenway. This time they moved the starting and finish area couple blocks away from the previous spot and changed the route a bit. I was a little bit disappointed because the new route is no longer taking the runners back to Lassiter Mill Hill. The infamous hill I mentioned in previous posts. Either way, this was part of the Race13.1 series, my 8th in this series.

The morning started good, the usual, oatmeal, latte, some water quick stop to the bathroom before heading out to drive to the location. My sugars were within running range, no need to adjust since the trending was stable. I got to the race area early, got my bib and went back to the car. Within an hour of race time, I ate the banana and took some water. 30 minutes prior to the start time, I did a 1-mile jog to warm up. The temperature was around 63, but with around 90% humidity. Not perfect but better than other years. The warm-up was a low effort and went well, not really pushing any fast sections, just a normal job until with about 150 meters to completion, somehow I did not see a pothole and I almost twisted my ankle. Holy Tamales!!! My heart shoots up at a racing beat rate, and I started to sweat. My thought process quickly went to “Am I ok? Darn, it feels tender”, as I continued to slowly jog back to the car. Once I finished the jog and started to walk, I felt it a little bit. Not bad, bad but noticeable. I was letting me know not to go crazy today.

I jogged in place and it seemed ok. What a way to not being able to start an event with just with 15 minutes before the start. I counted my blessings and walked to the starting line.

The event started pretty well, the initial section is a very wide downhill road, for about a mile and a half. I took it easy, but just about 15 seconds below my target pace for a PR. At the flat section, I increased the pace just slightly under 8:19 pace and held that pace for about the next 8 miles. I was seeing few familiar faces from previous Race13.1 events. Vassu, Shelly, Kevin and others that I was able to recognize and provide a good friendly shout to each other as we continue to try to fulfill our respective goals and targets. It was getting slightly warmer. Especially when the sun was hitting your head and shoulders. Fortunately, the majority of the route was on the Greenway, which provided some cover from the sun, but with the humidity being on the high side, the warmness was not really dissipating fast enough. At the water, stations grabbed one Gatorade and one water. Sugars where holding within range, on the high side but in running range. Fueling as planned at every 40 min. 1st one normal E-Fuel gel and second one LG caffeine.

With about a mile and a half to go, the route takes you back to the same long hill we did at the start, but this time it was uphill. Elevation wise it was not bad, but it was long one. I kept repeating myself, one more mile and that is it. But for some reason, I walked some.

Noooo!!!!!, the problem with that is once I start walking, then is difficult to start again and continue running after that. I started again and walked just a little bit more. Now I am mad, knowing that I had about half mile to go, I pushed hard and regained the running form I lost, but it was too late. The time damage was done and there was no way to break PR today. Maybe next time, I continue running, pressing a little bit to the finish.

After that, couple bottles of water, I walked to the car, removed my bib and the bling and got ready to do a warm down jog. Even though we had that hill at the end, it was not Lassiter Mill hill. So since the infamous hill was nearby, I decided to jog my way down, turn around and jog my way up as part of my warm down. 2 miles of warm down is not bad if it helps you in making you feel accomplished. So un-officially I once again conquered Lassiter Mill hill!

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Sept-15;;;13.1 Raleigh Fall;;;NC;;;Half;;;1:51:22;nn;


[vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlights ; Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Great ample road right from the start but very hilly. Around 350 runners. With the ample road, there is no problem starting and finding a comfortable pace.

Venue: At a High School, plenty bathrooms and seating area to rest before and after the event. At the finish, good food, plenty to drink and snacks.

Expo: No Expo.

Weather: Overcast skies with some drizzle, 64º with 86% humidity.

T1D: Sugars within running range and stable throughout the event.

Fueling: Pre-Race: 1 serving Hot Cereal, latte and banana.

Race: Water and Gatorade at the stations, one gel about 4 miles in and another one around mile 9

Post: Water and pizza

Learning Points:

    • Need to watch out for multiple races in one month.