Another half for the bling, Fayetteville Half


As part of the 13.1 running series season pass, I got to run this event basically for less than $30 dollars. Every time I run an event in the series it gets cheaper and cheaper and I love it. In addition, since I am training for a full marathon coming up in November, I could not pass the opportunity and treat it as a good pace training run. Some late research about the course and it is pretty much flat, some rolling hills and two small segments with some steep incline. So I am not worried about this event in terms of finishing within a decent time.

The location of the race was about 1:30 away from home, so easy drive in, but it means that I needed to wake up early in the morning. My wife offered to book a hotel and to stay nearby so I did not have to drive, but I decline the offer, although I might consider the offer for another half coming up that is about 2:30 hours away.

I have to admit that for this event the last two evening prior to Sunday I have not been eating right. I have been conscious of the carbs and the insulin adjustment but not the preferred type of foods. I guess I am testing the boundaries with this half in that regard, just in case in the future I am away from home and with less control of what I can eat. So, BBQ Pulled pork Friday night, and Mexican food for an early dinner on Saturday. Sugars held pretty well, but it was a lot of food both night coming to the race.

Woke up at 3:30, felt a little bit full from the food from the night before but decided to still have the usual breakfast, Oatmeal, and a Latte. The banana later to eat closer to the event start time. My sugars were within the running range I was a happy camper. Got all the stuff ready and left early enough to relax a bit prior to the event.

With about 30min to the start, I went for a 1-mile warm-up jog, with couple speed segments to loosen the leg. Long enough to warm up and just enough to start breaking a sweat. Back at the car, I ate the banana and did some minimal stretching to get ready for the start. The temperature was about 70 degrees and overcast. A small cool breeze, definitely there was a change of rain during the event, but I came prepared with a Zip-Lock bag for my pump. There were about 300 runners in a single corral, all eager to start the race. I set myself way in the back this time, not planning to get at it right an away and I was going to take some time to find my happy racing pace for the day.

But very quickly in about the 1st half mile of the event, I found myself at a great pace and in my happy place. So instead of easing much, I continue to run at that pace. That keep in mind that, the happy place is not necessary pressing my effort too much. It is just a great fast pace (at least for me) that will not get me too destroyed at the end of the event.

The course as I mentioned was very flat and the water stations were well spaced. The volunteers were really good and helpful. After mile 6, I decided to stop for a quick visit to the porta potty. It was not really a must, but I ran much comfortable after that stop. I check my sugars in my CGMS as soon as I start running again and they were fine. They were still within the running range. I quickly find myself once again in my happy pace. I check my time and it looks like a good pace but definitely not going to be able to get closer to the 1:45 timeline today. Still, since I am settling into a good pace I continue on.

With about 3/4 mile to go, I decided to press on, changed the music I was listening to and increased the pace. Starting from 8:00-minute mile, slowly increasing speed to close to 7:00-minute mile pace. A slightly uphill (about 150 meters), followed by a downhill (about 200 meters) and flat all the way to the finish. It felt great, passing a few runners very strong and couple others followed me in a final surge to the finish, as I felt their presence especially during the last 200 meters of the event. Very happy with the performance.

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Sept-15;;;13.1 Fayetteville Half;;;NC;;;Half;;;1:49:17;nn;


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Course: Great ample road right out of the start, some rolling hills with couple overpasses bridges.

Venue: At the finish, excellent food, plenty to drink and good music.

Expo: No Expo

Weather: Overcast skies most of the time, great 70º with just 87% humidity.

T1D: No problems during the event

Fueling: Pre-Race: 1 serving Hot Cereal and Latte. A banana about an hour before the start.

Race: Water at the water station. A Gel every 4o minutes

Post: Water and a slice of Pizza

Learning Points:

  • Running at a steady is good for long distance
  • Music can help with the mental game especially at the last push on an event