Running Experiences: Fireflies as running guides


During 2013 training season, one of the most memorable training run during that summer was when running in the trail near Duke University. That trail has tons of plants, tress and dense bushes. It is well covered, lots of shade and very humid. One late afternoon there was a storm approaching, the kind of storm that was going to hit hard fast and then clear up. I decided to run the trail loop anyway a quick 3 miler in the worst case instead of the 6 miles I had schedule.

All was going well, even though I was the only one in the trail. But about mile and a half the sky turned dark, very dark and a humid breeze started to flow when suddenly the trail slowly lighted up with thousands of fireflies. It was surreal the felling running in the trail. They were lighting the path. It latest for about 2-3 minutes and I ran in amazement. It was like one of those mystical movies when you get transported to a different world. The rain came quick and the show was over. In all it was a great wet training run. I will never forget how amazing nature is and how it can provide you with amazing gifts when you least expected.