Running Experiences: The Mystical Structure


During 2015 training season, one of the weird training run was during the later part of December while running at the River-walk path in Hillsborough, NC.  The River-walk is a long path of close to 4 miles that runs along the Eno river and very close to downtown area. The area includes many historic buildings and old roads and paths. You can feel the oldness and the peace in the air. A mix of History documentary and a nice old fashion Revolution era drama movie. I have always enjoyed my runs there as the changes in nature keeps the view fresh and interesting.

H1illboroughStructureAs I was heading out to do a 10 miler easy run per my training schedule, with the temperature was in the upper 30s and a small breeze that could be felt at my fingers even as I was wearing gloves, about half mile in the path, a path that I have run a few times in the past, there it was. Suddenly out of no where, there was this structure. Like it grew overnight from the dirt and as high as 20 feet. Made of branches, twigs and dirt. It looked like a temple were you go to cast your spells or pray for good fortune. It was like the one you see in those movies that tells fictional stories with creatures from a parallel word or dimension. A place in which these creatures of nature will reconvene every morning or dawn to celebrate or perform their secret ritual.

After I was done with my workout, I decided to walk a little bit more and take a closer look to this intriguing structure. A sign near the structure notify by standers that this was an art structure. A very nice organic building structure that once again made my morning run an exciting and fresh experience.