2015 Running Summaries


Slide1The 2015 its pass and done, similar to previous years this is a brief summary of the running year. I am very happy with what I was able to accomplish this pass year. Participating in multiple event and challenges. This part year started with the enrollment of the 13.1 season pass. The pass was a great way to try different events in multiple states (a good thing for my 50 state challenge progress) including several in North Carolina. In the first quarter of the year I was able to perform well and get a PR in the Half Marathon and Marathon. Breaking for the first time the 4 hour barrier. That set the start of the year in an excellent note.

Slide2Second quarter was very busy with an impromptu 5k and another unexpected pr in the Raleigh R&R Marathon. A few halfs including the infamous 13.1 Virginia half. In which my friend and I suffered the misfortune of really bad route design and a non-attractive scenery other than being able to run in the Richmond International Car racing track. Not all was bad, but definitely not a Half Marathon that I will look to complete in the future. Also part of the adventure closing mid-year was the completion of my first triathlon which was a lot of fun.

Slide3Moving in to early July I completed another impromptu event the 4 on 4. Just as I was preparing for my B-day challenge, to run my age in mile. 44 miles during the month of hot July. It was my first try in running past the marathon distance. Lots of really good learning around preparation and training, what to eat and when to eat. I was blessed to have family and friend to come in a help me out with the challenge. I believe that was the stepping steps I needed to jump into as UltraMarathon in 2016 who knows.

Slide4To finish the last part of the year with a few half marathons to complete my 30th half marathons and added one more marathon in November to achieve my 10th Full Marathon of my running career. It was awesome to be able to run all these events and challenges. Not many scary moments during races, but some during training. The partnering with my UNC Endocrinologist to help hone the action plans and make a few improvements to the approach was excellent. Already those changes are making me feel even better during the runs.

To finish I want to say thanks to all the friends and family that in one way or another provided their support and patience while I continue with my insane running!

PS: I was extremely pleased when I saw the 2015 summary video that Strava created automatically for me.