Running Diabetes: Webinar opportunity – Making Sense of Sensors

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Once again the guys at dLife have an edutainment series which provides some good information around general diabetes and details around how to better manage it. I normally do not like to post adds, or other activities that are not necessary my own experiences. But since previous webinar I attended was very informative, well organized, the topic was relevant to running  and I will be attending this learning opportunity, here you go. As before there got to be a additional good golden nuggets during the webinar.

FREE Webinar

Making Sense of Sensors

May 16, 2016 – 12:00PM EST

To register

The topics that are planned for that session includes:

  • Using real-time CGM information to improve control and enhance safety
  • Analyzing CGM data to make adjustments  to one’s therapy
  • Overcoming the shortcomings of  CGM systems

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