Another rainy event, the Matthew Hurricane experience?


Today not much to report, this probably is the 7th times that I have been able to complete this event. Before the course changes and before it traded hand from the Midtown series to the Race 13.1 series, this event in the June version was my 1st half marathon completion. The weather is not completely cooperating. Hurricane Matthew is pounding the coast of South Carolina and is causing some rain and small winds already up north as part of the weather system. So it is going to be a wet one. Not raining as hard at is was for the Richmond Half Marathon earlier this year, but still there is water coming down.

Morning the usual routine, although no banana today. My sugars were high, bordering around 245 and steady trend. I did the necessary adjustments hoping it will go down at the start of the event. I do not like the feel of running with the sugar. I arrived early and had to pay couple visits to the porta-potty, not a good sign. The Event started on time, and the sugars were still on the high side. Not too many runners compare to previous events, the rain and wind did not help either. I aligned with the 2:00 pacer, with the hope as previous event to keep him behind all the way until the finish line. The 1st mile was uneventful, although by the end of the first mile, I was feeling the burning sensation of my legs that I get when sugars are high. I check the CGMS and they were still high. I slowed a bit but ahead of a 2:00 finish pace.

Mile 2-4 were just ok, I definitely knew then that I was not going to PR today, not even close. Not feeling great, I was not able to find the zone today so far. So I decided to just stay ahead of the 2:00 pacer and hope to finish ok. The rain still happening, so running to avoid some of the deep puddles. Even with the rain, I was feeling warm, like I could not cool down enough to press the pace. Closing in the first turnaround  saw my friend from RTR, he was doing great and keeping up with the 1st couple leader groups. By mile 6 still not feeling well but still in pace.

Mile 8 and 9 were super slow miles some runners were passing by but that is ok. Every time the rain got strong or when there was a breezee it was very welcoming. I felt so warm, even tho the temperature was supposed to be 70 or lower. I saw again the RTR runner, he was doing great and looked like a good pace. All was ok until the 2:00 hour pacer group just passed by closing on mile 10. I pressed on to keep them in sight but they were moving ahead. Things started to get better when at the water station near mile 10 while grabbing couple Gatorade and water cup, Paula, she was a race director back in the day when Midtown Series, recognized me and provided some words of encouragement. That gave me a second air, by mile 11 I was finally feeling much better.

img_3462-1With few runners nearby, as I passed them I encourage them to continue. As I grabbed water at the water station, I slowed down to drink a bit better, when one of the runners that I have passed, told me that because he had slow down to walk earlier that does not give me a reason to walk. I laughed and started running with him. At mile 12 I started to sped up the pace. The last mile was basically uphill, although late, I was feeling good by this time. I saw the 2:00 pacer just ahead of me. I manage to get close enough but not enough to pass. Ending up just one minute past the 2:00 finish time mark. Anyway, I was able to finish and complete another event towards the 7x Race 13.1 series.


In the end,

no PR,

no 1:50,

no under 2 hours,

but one more half finish toward the

7X 13.1 series challenge for the extra bling.

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Oct-16;;;Race 13.1 Raleigh;;;NC;;;Half;;;2:01:14;nn;


[vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlight & Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Good start/finish area near Northhills area. Great ample road right of the start. Only one choke point turning into the greenway paved path. Some small rolling hills along the middle nothing too challenging. Last 1 1/4 miles are basically uphill, you need to have some in reserved to finish strong.  The water station setup and distances were ok.

Venue: At finish, since it was raining it was moved indoors. (Bananas, oranges, snacks (Kind bars and others), rice & grilled chicken, …) and plenty to drink.

Expo: No Expo

Weather: Rain, rain and more rain, 70º with 94% humidity.

T1D: Sugars were high at the start. Sensor then warned of a upcoming low. But remained stable after mid point.

Fueling: Pre-Race: 1 serving Hot Cereal and Latte.

Race: Gatorade and water at the water station. E-Gel gel around mile 6.

Post: Protein Shake, orange and tons of water.

Learning Points:

    • unning in the rain can still be fun.
    • Finishing an event it is still a great accomplishment.