Running Shorts: 100th Week and 55th Day Streak


Slide3This week by coincidence I manage to complete one key goal/challenge and a  secondary daily running streak:

  • The secondary streak: About a few weeks ago I had to shuffle my weekly runs because I might of not being able to run over the weekend. So I had to run on a normally what is a rest day. I was feeling ok and finding the time I went out and did couple short runs that weekend. The same happened the following weekend and realized that I had gone over 14 days in a row, sprinkling some easy short runs. I have to admit that some days I felt really tired during the day but I believed I could get to 50th days in a row. I surpassed that goal and decided to continue until my next rest day which will make 55 days in a row running 2 or more miles a day.
  • Now back to that 100th. Last year I did a run of 13 miles or more, at least once a week, every week of 2016. I went back and I looked to the last weeks of 2015 and realized that due to the fall marathon training and trying to sustain my running distance baseline, I had many continuous weeks meeting the criteria. This week I was able to complete the 100th week in a row. I am very happy that I was able to sustain a continue the streak. I have to admit that here were a few weeks that were a bit challenging, last year with my calf hurting early in 2016 and this year with my left foot giving me some concern. But I was able to recover enough to meet the 13 miles needed in a day those weeks. There was some back to back, Sunday and the Monday runs of both 13+ miles to manage work, swimming meets and traveling schedules, but it was worth it. I am very happy with this accomplishment and since I am 10% into my next marathon training I believe I can continue for a little bit longer. Perhaps 125? will see.