Running Shorts: Running daily streak challenge completed


Slide3Today with the completion of one of my long runs in preparation for Chicago Marathon in October I managed to complete one self inflicted running challenge/streak:

100 consecutive days of running – the criteria was to run 2 or more miles for at least 100 days in a row

I have to admit that 100 might not be as impressive as others you have read about in magazines, blogs and posts. But now I have a better understanding of how difficult a challenge like that could be and a lot of respect for those with longer streaks. Different from running the distance of 13 miles at least once per week (Week 105, not that I am counting), running daily does not give you much flexibility. Yes, I know you have from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM to complete a run (At least two miles), but with the responsibility of work, family and health some days are not easy. Even though the few days I did 2 miles were super “easy” miles, I have been craving a rest day like you have no idea. The same way I have gained the respect for those that run daily for months and years, I have also learned the need for rest and recovery days and the huge benefit it is for the body.

Now, should I continue the streak run tomorrow? We will see, happy Insane Running.