Running Shorts: You signed up for what?


Alright, last year I tried to signed up for this event and I missed the signup date due to an error in my schedule, but honestly I was happy about that, because I was definitely not ready earlier this year for this kind of race and for sure this is the kind of event that required months of total preparation and mental toughness. I did an Ultra last year to test the ground of long distance events, the Derby 50k and I loved it. Today after my 20-mile long run at Umstead Park (Which was not a pretty run, due to problems with hydration) I sat down in front of the computer about 10 minutes prior to the start of registration to sign up for the event.

There are very limited spots for this Ultra and it is a very popular event in the area, so like Disney’s events, they fill up fast. (Actually faster than the Disney event when I ran the Dopey challenge, that one was done in about an hour). After the countdown reached 0 and I was able to click to register, the computer took a little bit longer than I thought it should take with a darker background after I click and then suddenly…


A white screen with a message, there was an error and to please refresh the page. I refreshed a couple time with the same results. I copy the URL to a different browser and same results. Then the message changed, it said that the email I was using had a spot already in the registration, which meant I had about 12 minutes to finish the registration and pay before I lose the spot, but there was no link to it. If not, I had to wait 12 minutes for the timer to reset and for me to try to get in the second round. I decided to wait, maybe it was a message from beyond or above, who knows. But, like 3 minutes in, the timer jumped an additional 15 minutes. That gave me the impression that I also missed the second window and now I had to wait until the third window to register.

I use a support email at the bottom of the page to send a message with the situation and a brief explanation. I was very pleased to get a response within a minute, acknowledging that there were some IT issues and to try once the next window opened up. If I could not register, they already had a case logged with my situation and they will help me. But fortunately, there was no need to do anything extra, after the third window opened I was able to register.

Life is all about adventures, I think this event is going to be fantastic with plenty of opportunities to laugh about, suffer, reflect and a fair amount of insane running to come. Training basically started this morning with the 20-mile long run and immediately continued with the mental test of signing up for the event.

It is going to be INSANE!!!!!!

Happy Running