Running Shorts: Running into the future

Mile 1, mile 2, mile 3, …

Here we are, counting the miles, keeping track in our journals, charts, tables, and online tracking systems. We do have a tendency to spend a lot of time looking at the past, looking at the numbers, searching for those golden nuggets, and a glimpse of the greatness that will get you moving to the next level of performance.

We take notice of the current present, how do we feel, and how we are in regard to our mental and physical fitness. Aches, stiffness, and mental readiness that influences your performance. Thinking and feeling those things adjusting and making our adjustments to plans and ready for the now.

We also have our goals, that we visualize reaching and achieving. Thinking in the future of what we need to get done to get there. Those are tools that can get us motivated to keep moving forward, to look forward to what is next. To reach for that list of accomplishments/bucket list that we either have written down or it is well set in our brains.

Today I ponder with the question about getting the opportunity to reach out into the future and tell myself thoughts and ideas that might be helpful to me in a not so distant future. As I grab elements from each statement from, past, present and near future, if I have a chance to write myself a short letter/message that will be delivered to me in the future (1,5,10 years from now) this is what I probably say to myself,

Mister “InsaneRunner”

As I write this message, I am so grateful that you are able to get this and read this letter. For this will indicate that all the things that we have work for, health, family, performance, happiness were things worth working for.

Do not forget that all that time and work that you have put and invested have always paid off in great public and personal accomplishments. Although there were times during training and events that you almost call it to quit, you were able to push through it and get it done.

Quitting for the sake of quitting was not an option. You knew it and you still know it. We have accomplished so much and I know that by the time you read this message many more accomplishments will be added to the list. For that, I am also very grateful.

You have a great family and good friends, all very supportive and always there to celebrate with you at all times. Life so far has been fantastic and I know it will continue to do because of the work, time, and support you get. There might be tough times ahead I do no know how tough or how many of them, but this I know, you will always tackle them one by one, piece by piece, task by task with the care and the perseverance of a true champion.

Thank you for the happy life and thank you for continuing to develop even better memories, can’t wait to write once again to you in the near future.

Stay safe and healthy with you and the family,

Insane Runner