2020 Running Summaries Crazy 2020

American Tobacco Trail garmin distanceThe year 2020 is finally over, thank God. It was definitely a year that will be hard to forget. From pandemic, communities split into opposing groups, people common sense being a question being asked all the time, working from home, and many other factors that will provide years and years of juicy content for movies, books, and shows. Tons of crazy things, but also many many miles to reflect and strategize how to go about things. This year there were no PRs, not many events but one, as the majority of the events were either canceled or went virtual. Sometimes making it hard to go out to do a workout instead of just easy running.

Carlos Candelaria Garmin milesI quickly learned to be very grateful that even with the current conditions I was able to head out of the house for a run. Even as parks and some running trails and tracks were closed I was able to head out around and nearby neighborhoods to explore and burn some energy. Sometimes it felt that the roads and sidewalks belonged to me and just me since the majority of people were closed doors.

But something interesting happened, a couple of months after, I started to see more and more people taking those 1st steps out, to walk, to jog to better their lives. They started to become familiar faces, at the sidewalks, greenways, and trails. Even as we passed each other for the most part we kept our distance (You know social distancing) stepping out the sidewalks on each side to keep a safe distance, or spreading out at the greenways. It was a great transformation of the community. Not everyone continued, I know, but many became a frequent sight during my runs, waving and saying hello, good morning, and have a good day. For that positive change, I am also very grateful.

Insane Running garmin milesThis morning I went out for an easy 8-mile run, listening to podcasts and once again smiling at the sight of those familiar faces that ventured out on New Year’s Day. After reflecting on the crazy year 2020 was, that it seemed will never end, I am blessed that my family and I were able to stay healthy. Given that there were not many events available I was able to keep the mileage steady and constant throughout the year. Once again even with no many races, no pacing events, no PRs but a lot of reflection. 

In a nutshell, 

  1. Another year with over 2600 miles covered. (200 miles more than last year)
  2. Another fantastic injury-free year
  3. A very slow pace on average for the accumulated miles.
  4. Complete one event Derby 50k (4th time running the event)
  5.  Continued with the previous yearly challenge of running 13.1 distance at least once a week. Over 280 continuous weeks and going.

American Tobacco Trail garmin distanceI am very grateful that 2020 was another good running year and although I was not able to focus on speed or key workouts, I was able to learn a lot about steady pace and shifting activities from working mostly from home.  Still, there were not many miles with friends or running groups, not as many as last year, mostly solo miles, but still all of them good miles. I am very grateful for all the support that I received from family, peers, the medical community, FB friends, Strava friends, running groups, and running clubs. They all provided the energy, advice, and encouragement to continue to run and continue to improve in my personal life, especially during these crazy times.

Once again I want to say thanks to my friends and family that in one way or another provided their support and patience while I continue with my insane running!

From the InsaneRunning Family, we wish you all a,

Happy New 2021!