road to 100 week 12

Training for 100 miles: Road to 100: Week 5/16 Honing some of the fuel intake

This is part of a series of posts regarding how I am preparing, planning, and train to complete the 100 miles Ultramarathon Umstead 100: Road to 100. For all the ultrarunning series here is Road to 100 last week’s post and for additional ideas follow the link. Training for a 100.

As mentioned before fueling is very important. Now that you have worked out a list of a few food possible items a few weeks ago, it is time to use the long runs to start introducing a couple of those items per run at a time.


Determine which run are you going to take the new items and the plan about when during the run you will take those items. A few elements to consider,

How are you going to carry those items? On a pouch, belt, pockets, base station, plan ahead and drop them along the route/way so you can pick them up as you pass by.

Determine if the item is too radical/different compare to what you are used to and how it would be combined with others. (Drink, solid, gel)

Determine if it is an item you should try early in the run or on the later part of the run. Perhaps even as the last fuel item to take for the last leg of the run. This way you might minimize the risk of jeopardizing the run if taken early and not settle well.


Now, it is time to prepare an initial fuel plan, knowing that it is not going to be perfect

The day before long runs: Review the items you are going to use during your long run and adjust if necessary. Take note of when are you planning to take fuel and when to re-assess your stamina, stomach feeling, and energy.

How is the plan going:

After coming for a super high mileage week, this week was going to be less mileage but two challenging back-to-back runs. The week turned out again as another solid week even with some readjustment due to some personal issues. Very happy about where I am right now,

Monday: Time to rest, stretch and use the foam roller

Tuesday run: Kept my heart rate around ~130 bpm, this was done by slowing down and not worrying about the time to cover the distance.

Wednesday run: During a shorter easy run, I had some trouble keeping the heart rate low. Still a good run, these easy runs are done listening to audiobooks

Thursday run: Had some workout schedule for this day, had to trade the run for some stretching, due to a very short sleep recovery time. Did not want to risk a poor performance during the workout.

Friday run: Since I had two long very runs schedule for the weekend, I set out to do an easy 4-mile run, instead of the hard workout from Thursday

Saturday: A very easy pace long run, felt decent all the way until the last couple miles where I felt depleted. I tried Maurten Gel and introduce back cookies (1 serving of Cameos, my favorite) I believe I needed to add additional fuel as the last couple miles were sugars started to dip low. Total fuel: 2 scoops of tailwind, 1 scoop of E-Fuel, 1 Maurten Gel, Two Cameos, 1 pouch of baby food.

Sunday: Another great long run, I took it easy for the 1st 11 miles, pressed the pace during the last 9 miles of the run. Fueling was better, I tested a new flavor of GU (Birthday Cake) again Maurten Gel. With about the same fui8ling in terms of calories, but less mileage, even pushing the pace I was able to have a really good strong training long run.

Below are two pictures of the CGMS during the two long runs. For the next long back-to-back in cou0ple weeks, I need to reassess the approach a little bit to minimize low sugars during the run. I might need to carry 1 extra gel to use and another one in case of an emergency.

This week actual numbers:

Week 5Stretches
& Rolling
64 Stretches
& Rolling
4 23206152