Training for 100 miles: Road to 100: Week 15/16 Tapering

This is part of a series of posts regarding how I am preparing, planning, and train to complete the 100 miles Ultramarathon Umstead 100: Road to 100. For all the ultrarunning series here is Road to 100 last week’s post and for additional ideas follow the link. Training for a 100.

I continued with tapering by reducing the mileage just a tad. Believe it or not, the reduction does not mean sitting on the couch longer. Tapering this week still includes a Full marathon long-distance run. Marathon distance that I help to pace the 4:30 Tobacco Road Marathon group.


You want to once again be honest with yourself about what are the things that are actually working great and those things that might need minor adjustment.


Re-check the checklist, the items, the approach. Week prep, the day before prep, morning prep, event checklist and do not forget your post-event checklist. All those lists will need to be checked for necessary minor adjustments.

How is the plan going:

This week was another solid week. The workweek mileage was decent, here are some highlights,

Monday: Some minor stretches

Tuesday run: Easy short run

Wednesday run: No Group run due to the rain. Still manage to head out for an easy run

Thursday run: Switch to a rest day, the previous night was not restful at all.

Friday: Went out for a short easy run

The long runs were good too, Saturday:

Sunday: Fantastic run pacing the 4:35 Tobacco Road Marathon

This week actual numbers:

Week 15:Stretches
& Rolling
& Rolling