Insane Running Experiences

Running Experiences: Butterfly running

Once in a while when you are in the middle of a run, especially during a long run, you space out, and the running turn into a smooth automatic movement that can last for a long time. But sometimes you start to pay attention and notice things around you. Many times during the year I run at one of my favorite trails, the American Tobacco Trail. And sometimes you get to see many different animals and insects during the running adventures. Turtles, snakes, horseflies, spiders, guinea fowl, deer, dogs, cats, pigs, and many others.

Earlier this year, I encountered a stubborn butterfly popping in front of me mid-run. What I mean by a stubborn butterfly is that suddenly the butterfly will follow me for a very long time. Crossing in front of me from time to time. At times it felt like it followed me for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile, which is a long way to stay within the path. This has already happened three times to me throughout the years. And no, is not a pesky horsefly, lol.

It normally happens at the portion of the trail that is very long, straight and anything moving around is something you will notice right away.

Those are the moments, like mindful runs, when you are at your run and start to connect with nature, for me at least, I start to feel so grateful to be alive and able to enjoy being able to run. Next time you are out there running, take a look around and be aware of nature, once in a while it might surprise you.