What did we just do?

I think the insanity has spread all over the town. Today was the signup event for the Umstead 100 Ultramarathon event. It is pretty exciting as the event has limited spots available, and many runners like to use this event as their first 50, 100 events. Like it was for me back in 2019. Their signing process works by releasing small blocks on running spots every so often and goes something like this.

  1. On the day of signing for the event, you need to be in front of the computer or table around or close to the time it opens. Normally just before noon.
  2. Have your browser ready with the form in front of you
  3. If you do not see the countdown counter in red, refresh your browser, or perhaps you might be a little bit too excited and logged in too early. (more than an hour)
  4. Pre-fill the information and the random number and wait
  5. and wait
  6. look at the time on your computer
  7. look at the counter
  8. and wait some more
  9. as soon as the counter hits 00:00, click the signup
  10. If you did not get in, go back to step 4. Keep repeating until you can go to step 11 or, unfortunately not able to sign up. In this case, there is another opportunity about a week from today.
  11. If you got in, Congrats!!! Finish the signup information sheet and pay.
  12. Let it settle for a while and come to the realization that you just signed up for a 100-mile race.

As insanity kicked in, most of the pacers from my 100 mile event earlier this year (Jamie, Kaleel, Venu) enjoyed pacing so much that they want it to tackle at least the 50-mile option as a backup while training for the full experience of the 100-miles. Some say they loved carrying soup around the park so much that they want it to do that for 8 loops instead of just one loop. Who knows?

Of course, I also got excited and signed up to tackle the 100-mile event in 2023. (It was the original plan to sign up and lure others into joining me in the madness.) Althougt some smart ones realized the plan early enough not to fall for it. But I know Chad and Jay will be happy to be there to help us…

…I hope, since we are counting on them.

This time it will be the 4th time training and, hopefully, my 3rd time finishing Umstead. Will there be a PR? Am I going to be able to adapt, adjust and train? Time will tell.

Yes, there will be another training for a 100 series starting soon. Where I hope to share additional insights and perhaps feature a few of the Insane Runners and pacers that could be sharing their learning as we train together for the majority of the long runs.