Double Inaugural event!!!


The 10k is the second event on the second day of the Dopey challenge. The 5k went fine, my friend Roland and I we took our time. We knew that this is a long, long challenge type of event so even for the 10k we need to take it easy.

The Pre-Event:

IMG_0779Early morning on Friday, we woke up around 2:50AM since the buses started leaving at 3:00 and we were planning to be at the lobby around 3:15. This being a big event, I have a drop bag with some essentials like, glucose meter, extra gel, towel, clean shirt, sandals and some other minor stuff like extra pins and chap stick. This morning similar to what we did for the 5k, but this time, different form yesterday, the cafeteria was open. That made it much, much easier to have the oatmeal and coffee. Just one more runner was there in the area having her pre-run meal/breakfast, with other runners getting ready while they were walking towards the lobby area.

This race start time was much earlier than the 5k with the route being very similar to the 5k route we ran in Epcot Center theme park with the addition of a segment to the nearby Hotel Boardwalk. This was the inaugural 10k event, so there were more participants in this event, same amount of corrals but more people in each one of them. Before dropping the bag in the drop bag area, I did one last quick glucose check and added a calibration point to the pump. Sugar were good to go, little bit on the upper side of the running range, but the trend was holding steady and the measurement was very close to the readings of my CGMS. We are good to go.

IMG_0802 (2)


While we were waiting for the event to start, we decided to walk around and stop by the corral A to see what the elite/fast runners were doing to get ready for a 10k. I was very surprise with the different approach of the runners, a few of them were stretching, static stretching while some of them were doing some in place jogging, others jogging around and a handful were doing sprints warm-up? They were fast, one of them was really flying during the few sprints he did while we were watching. He made it look like it was not even his fastest speed setting and probably it was not. It was also very interesting to see how they all had their own routine. That let me wonder if I should have one routine set for shorter events to follow. I have always just ran the event that I was signed for. (With the exception of some quick job warm up I did at the Cisco 5k last year that seemed to help)

The Event:

Similar to the 5k that start of the event was very exciting. Lots of music, announcements, warming up games and the characters providing their looney perspective of the event. Some fireworks at the start of each corral. With about 15 minutes for our corral to start I took my gel with caffeine and made a bolus adjustment. I knew I was not going to need the gel, but I want it to keep everything the same as I have practice in training runs as well as previous long distance events. We move in to the mid front of the corral and off we went to cover the 6.2 miles. Since we knew that the two longest events of the challenge were coming up in the next two days we took it super easy. Once again we were doing a fast jog, stopping for pictures with characters and walking at the water stations.




Taking our time drinking water and at one of the stations Powerade. Chatting and talking to other runners that were in the same challenge. Talking about their approach and sometimes jumping in the frame, since I was filming with the Go-Pro. I manage to figure out that the issue the day before was a corrupted memory card. I had a spare one which I use today. Sugars held pretty well, with no problems. I finish very well, fresh, with only some light sweat, but definitely like I could keep running at that pace forever. Something that we were hoping for at the end of at least each one of the 1st three events. It took us 1:36:13 to complete the 10K. But we could off taken it little bit easier since, I guess pace wise, it was a little bit faster than the 5k from yesterday. IMG_0834After getting the 10K medal, we made our way to the challenge tent area where we were able to pick up the second bracelet proving that we completed the event and necessary to collect the extra challenge medals on Sunday after the Marathon. There were more people at the end of the race celebration. Large area set up with good music and a lot of happy people dancing, talking and having fun. As we were walking around, we passed by the aid and medical area at the finish line. We were surprise to see that there were a few 10K runners that were getting some attention. They were mostly icing thy knee, ankles or hamstrings. Most of them wearing Dopey Challenge bibs. I am not sure how they are going to handle the up coming two events, the half and full. I am glad we finished in good shape.

IMG_0777A quick stop at hotel, change of clothes and since I was big time tired not from the run but from being awake so early. We decided to rest a bit for few hours before going out for lunch, the expo and dinner. I am really looking forward to the Half Marathon early in the morning tomorrow and being able to run at the Magic Kingdom.

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[vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlight & Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Street course. Mostly flat and one loop around Epcot Center and the Boardwalk, very scenic. The water and aid stations were very well manned and awesome. You will need to watch out for the cups laying in the floor, it becomes a little bit slippery. Due to the amount of runners and picture opportunities I will not consider this event an event for a PR for time. Keep in mind that some of the picture line/opportunities will take some time. But if this is your first 10k and you just want to finish, I recommend this one 100%.

Weather: Cloudy and wet. Temp was around 68° and very high humidity.

Expo: The Expo similar to last year one of the best one I have ever attended. Lots of products, talks and information.

T1D: Sugars within running range but on the high side. No issues during the race since it was only 6 miles. Need to have better control for the Half and the Full.

Post: Banana, water and snack. Normal breakfast and lunch after.

Learning Points:

  • Repeating an event helped with knowing what to do and where to go.
  • Large running crowds felt better with the wide course.
  • Running in one of the Disney park is an experience by itself.
  • Running for fun sometimes it yields good adventure pictures.