Pursuing the Skinny Turkey


skinnylogo_editedWell last year I had tons of fun during this event but even with all the fun I have forgotten most of the course with the exception of the last steep hill. Last year was really cold and the roads were icy and I remember missing the 1st water station due to not many volunteers at the station or was the station not ready for the runners.

This year once again after running the Full marathon earlier in the month, I did not ran much training miles in preparation. The goal was to be well under 2 hours and as close to PR as possible. That morning, the usual, oatmeal, latte, prepared my pump in a ziplock bag (Since I was not sure if it was going to rain) and a quick bathroom stop just before leaving the house. This time I am tempting to run without bringing my water bottle, maybe the extra weight of the water, belt and bottle with shave me couple seconds per mile, but still debating.

The drive was uneventful, got there with plenty of time. They have a nice setup in the High School cafeteria area, lots of good people and volunteers there. I wore my Disney 10k tech shirt and got complemented twice for it. Even though last year 1st station was not optimal, I decided to leave behind the belt with the water bottle and put my energy Gels in my pockets. At the start it was chilly but not as bad as last year, what was new this year was the little bit of drizzle coming down. The event started on time and once again I started way back. There were over 500 runners, all shapes and ages. I started at a really good pace and found myself in a good rhythm quite early in the event.

I notice the few pacers ahead of me and went after them, passing slowly but firmly the 2:30, 2:15 pacers. One thing I realized was that after passing the 2:15 pacer, I was with most people running at my pace, (which it was good) but every time we were going down hill, they either caught up with me or passed me. It was only on the uphills that I am able to pass them comfortably with a solid pace. I think I need to learn how to run downhill better.

I thought I did a good job during the Utah Marathon with the 16 miles downhill, but it was not translating to this half, I guess I forgot. Another thing I realized was that the traction of my running shoes with the road is not as good as I want it to be. It was wet, but not frozen and at my push off, my feet was slipping a little bit every time. I knew it was not much, but that was energy I was wasting because it does not get me moving forward. I wonder how to deal with that.

Skinny Turkey Half, Skinny Turkay 2014, Carlos CandelariaI found the 2:00 pacer very late in the race, but was able to pass the pacer with still good energy in the tank. At mile 10 there was the steep hill I remember from last year, for some reason this year it did not look that daunting or difficult. I covered the hill with not much problems and press on with the pace. I know I was going to finish well under 2 hours, but I was not sure about a PR. The last small hill towards the finish line was another easy hill, so different from last year. I finish comfortably and then the traditional Santa Claus picture to IM my daughter. Good event, once again.

Happy Thanksgiving

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[vtftable cols=”{0}0:c9daf8;{/}”] Event Highlights ; Learning Points;nn;Highlights:

Course: Great ample road right of the start but very hilly. Around 350 runners. With the ample road there is no problem starting and finding a comfortable pace.

Venue: At a High School, plenty bathrooms and seating area to rest before and after the event. At finish, good food, plenty to drink and snacks.

Expo: No Expo.

Weather: Overcast skies with some drizzle, 41º with 93% humidity.

T1D: Sugars with in running range at the start remained well during the event.

Fueling: Pre-Race: 1 serving Hot Cereal and Latte. One Banana 45 minutes before start of race.

Race: Two gels and water at water stations.

Post: Some oranges, water and banana at the post event.

Learning Points:

    • Taking it easy a follow the pacers for a while and pass them when ready.