Running Experiences: Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day, which is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. With that in mind I want it to do a quick post today, while reflecting around the past few years since I started running and participating in running events. (I know, I have always had the ability to run, for which I am very grateful) 

I still remember that time when I started to run for about 10-20 minutes at a time on the treadmill. Not feeling ready to leave the convenience and comfort of being indoors and privately think about the miles. Not ready to hit the road and confront the outside and the public scene. Soon moving from that 20 minutes to half an hour few times a week and finally graduating slowly to the outside which provided me with new opportunities and experiences.

I remember finding that 1.5 route out and then back to cover 3 miles in preparation for my 1st 5k event. Driving and checking the odometer to make sure I am not cutting it short. Those “training” runs, when there was lots of walking breaks along the way to be able to complete the distance. An while many days passed covering the same path, those three miles turned into a routine. What it looked like a lot of effort to complete, turned into a nice jog outside that I could complete few times a week.

3 turned into 4, then into 5 and then to 6.

At six miles I was able to run 3 miles to my favorite water fountain at the ATT trail entrance, giving me the opportunity to reflect about the daily activities and solve all the world problems. Unfortunately I did not had pen and paper with me during those runs, so by the time I cover the next 3 miles coming back, all was forgotten. Leaving a good feeling of accomplishment.

But it was not just the distance, I remember early my 13:00 minute miles and seeing others pass by effortlessly, having a conversation while I am trying to suck the maximum amount of oxygen from the air. Those runners inspired me to learn more, try new ways to train and to set better goals. Again 13:00 turned into 12:00 minute miles. Turning then into 11:00, to 10:00 and so on.

Also is not just the distance, the time or the pace, it was that little short but steep hill. The one that once conquered me many times. The one that was half way of my normal runs and for very long time I had to walk up. Until one day I was able to conquer it. And to make sure it was not a fluke, to conquer it again and again the following runs. Just to find yet another hill, this time longer and more eager to cause trouble for many, many training runs until similar to the previous one, yielded to the constant pressure of training, effort and improvement.

But the weather is also another aspect of running that makes runs memorable. The sun, clouds, wind, rain, snow, ice , hail, temperature, humidity and any combination of those. Those combination provided me with an endless set of unique experiences that helped me grow as a runner and as a person.

Most importantly are the people, friends, co-workers, runners, volunteers, spectators and family. Specially my wife and daughter, they all provided and will continue to provide me with the support, advice, encouragement and patience during all the running miles, conversations, training sessions and events, keeping me sane during my endless miles of insane running.

insanerunning1All those things makes me feel alive.

All those things makes me happy

All those things are part of who I am

InsaneRunning during today’s

Global Running Day