2016 Running Summaries

Another year, another running year gone. The 2016 was a year with many mixed running experiences. For the first time since I started to take on running somewhat as a sport to practice and have better health, I did not follow a solid race training plan and just concentrated on two main challenges for the year. I am very happy with what I was able to accomplish,

  1. Running over 2500 scheduled miles, 500 miles more than last year. (Strava has me going over earlier in December, I guess in the end those .01 to .2 miles add up.)
  2. The other yearly challenge was to run 13.1 distance at least once a week for 52 weeks in 2016. I defined a week from Monday to Sunday, so there were couple back to back of long distance running here and there and basically 53 weeks of competing it. I was checking my 13 miles plus streak couple months ago and I believe I was over 70+ weeks, but I will have to double check.

Although grateful for completing those goals it came with at a cost of lower speeds specially in the later part of the year. I did PR the half (1:43:46) and the full Marathon (3:42:09) earlier in the year, but failed at the 1st try at it the American Tobacco Trail Marathon and it was not fun. I did improve and got the PR a month later at the Raleigh Rock and Roll Marathon series, which it was a more challenging course, but temperatures were freezing cold compared to close to 70 for the previous one.

Similar to previous year, the usual participation in multiple event and challenges with the 13.1 season pass. That allowed me to pursue and complete two 13.1 Triple Challenge (Spring and Fall), the Holiday Triple Challenge and the 7th 13.1 Series Challenge Medals. Still it is all about the bling.

Although this year I did not do a Triathlon or a Ultra Marathon I want it, I was extremely fortunate to participate in a Ragnar Ultra Relay event in NY with my cousin Lou, the event took us from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid, 6 runners, one van and 200 miles to cover. It was so much fun and an outstanding experience. I will definitely consider doing it again.

In 2016 it was great to be able to run all these events and challenges. I was also fortunate to not have scary moments during races due to diabetes. Some occasions more nuisance than anything else, when the CGMS decided not to work accurately during few events. As I continue to work with my Endocrinologist to keep honing and make a few improvements to better control my sugars before, during and after training/race runs. Earlier in 2016, in February I hurt my calf, which put me out from running for a few days, putting in jeopardy the 13.1 every week challenge. I was fortunate to be able to recover enough to do a painful, very slow 13.1 plus miles the week after the incident.

I was also able to crossed a couple more state from the 50 state challenge list, SC and NY. The Ragnar Ultra Relay and a 13.1 Race Series event that had to change the route after a Hurricane passed a week earlier and destroyed portions of the area were the event was schedule to run by. It was still a great event, basically a mix of terrain from sandy, dirt, grassy to un-even, loose gravel and winding route.

Once again I want to say thanks to my friends and family that in one way or another provided their support and patience while I continue with my insane running!