Running Shorts: Picking up running, feeling your foot and lean

This past week we had a great outing with a group of enthusiastic individuals for a quick weekly run. During the run, we talked about running, health and their purpose and reasons to start running. This week we concentrated the conversation about feeling your weight on your foot. By having an awareness of how does it feels when you land your foot on the ground it will help with understanding your running form. There is no right or wrong in running form, but having awareness could lead you to better running. Here are a few of the topics and points to consider.

  • While standing, spend a few minutes feeling how the body weight feels on our feet. Release some weight from one foot to the other and pay attention to the pressure areas on each foot.
  • Another suggestion is to practice by standing and shifting the center of gravity forward until you are feeling the weight on your toes. Then slowly shift it backwards until you feel your weight on your heel. Understanding and gaining awareness while standing will help you recognize your landing portion of the running leg cycle.
  • Past the midpoint of your next run, pay a little bit more attention on how your foot landing is hitting the ground. Which areas are you feeling the weight of the body to the ground?

Having awareness are initial steps to understand your running form and will help you understand how you can improve your performance in the long run. When approaching running, do not forget there are three main areas to consider, Physical, Nutrition/Fuel and Mental. Putting emphasis in just one might not yield the necessary or expected results. Acknowledging two areas will greatly improve your chances, and considering and addressing all three in small steps will perhaps give the best chances of success. Keep on running.