Running Shorts: Running related Video channels I like to follow

I love to learn, listen and watch about running stories, reports, ways to improve, and inspiring anecdotes. One of my favorites media is short videos. Like many, while I am working, blogging, sometimes I have some noise music, talk, or sounds in the background. I find it very difficult to work with too much silence. More often than not I have videos playing in a different screen or in the background to listen and something there is something that gets my attention and I stop to perhaps pay a closer look at what is being presented.

Today I would like to share with you a few of the channels that I like the most, subscribe and listen most frequently in regards to running. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to drop a note. Also here is the link to a collection of videos in my channel where I have added the individual videos I like the most.

InsaneRunning – Collection

Some of the channels I subscribe to about running,

The Ginger RunnerTons of product reviews, excellent running videos and, movies about trails and runners profile – check this one one of my favorites from this channel –> A decade on

The Run ExperienceExcellent resource for running form, exercise, workouts, and other running related topics. – check this one from this channel –> Crosstraining compilation

The Running ChannelAnother excellent resource, sometimes a bit quirky. But in all decent advice and suggestions.

Billy Yang FilmsAnother set of excellent cinematography of events and races

Altra RunningAlthough I have not been fortunate to try Altra running trails shoes yet, their channel is full of good videos Check these ones out of sponsored videos –> Altra Sponsored Videos

I run 4 ultraGood selection of videos of ultra races and ultra runners

Flo Track another selection of events and instructional workouts

Kinetic RevolutionThis is James Dunne channel, tons of videos with good information, how-to and many other interesting concepts and things to try.

WillPower Runningshort videos with inspirational stories. Here is a sample of what you can find there “Overcome” Documentary

Kilian jornetburgadaUltra runner or not who does not know or heard about Kilian (If you have not here is a good start)- Short videos with amazing views and stories

kofuziGood resources with several topics and decent advice

Gwen JorgensenGwen transitioned from a very successful career in Triathalons to running here you can follow most of her story.

There are many other channels I have, but those above are the ones that I keep going back to review and listen to.