Running Shorts: To my past runner self

Hey Insane Runner,

Yes, I know, it sounds crazy but yes, it is me from the future. I am writing to you to make sure you understand a few things that might not be clear to you at the time you receive this letter. First, a huge thank you for taking those first steps to be healthier and perform better not only with the sport of running but to make the choice for better living. You are very committed to every goal you set out to accomplish, not always perfect but always moving forward.

There were many events, good and bad training runs that you have done and many that I know you will complete pretty soon. Keep the good work, keep your head up at all times, there are going to be times that the miles are going to test your will and your power to continue. Although I know you will, because I have been there already, I want to still make sure you understand to continue because it will and is paying off big time. COVID times are not going to be the last time environment is going to provide you with additional mental and physical challenges, but you will come out ahead.

The amount of time that you are going to spend running might look like a lot and that sometimes progress is not going to show up fast enough. But believe me, it did work, it moved you step by step toward achieving multiple goals and tasks. The one point that I want you to perhaps consider, is to work just a little bit harder on your diet. I know, I know you know that you are burning calories like crazy, you love tasty food and you are going to lose some weight as well. Just try to get some better choices into the food lineup.

Although your A1Cs are going to show big improvements do not get complacent in thinking that you have done all you could. Thank you for managing diabetes well, it is also paying off by reducing and eliminating the amount of medication you use. Please continue to record and analyze your data, look at your logs and health charts and make changes accordingly. Think and adjust based on the feedback you are getting with your CGMS and meter numbers, body, and the different trackers you are using.

In the end, please say hi to the family on my (I mean you) behalf and tell them how grateful I am to be part of our family and their support. They will always be there for you during your journey to today.

Happy running stay safe and healthy with you and the family,


Now it is up to you: What do you think your future self will write in a letter for you?trail eno park