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Tarheel double down Insane Running blog post

Tarheel Double Down Challenge- 2024

Today, I completed my 3rd Tar Heel Double Down Challenge; the double down challenge included the 4-miler before the main event, a 10-mile race, which… continue reading.

Umstead100 2024 blog post

2024 Umstead 100- In Pursuit of 24

This past weekend, I completed my 4th 100 miles event at Umstead100. This year was a special 100-mile event. What made it super special was… continue reading.

Running Diabetes: What is going on with fueling?

As a runner, we all know that this sport of putting one step in front of the other brings challenges, some mental and some physical,… continue reading.

Tar Heel Double Down Challenge- 2023

Today I completed my 2nd Tar Heel Double Down Challenge, The challenge includes the 4-miler before the main event, a 10-mile which is the featured… continue reading.

2023 Umstead 100- Journey to 100

This past weekend I completed my 3rd 100 miles event at Umstead100. Many things went according to plan, and many previous lessons were applied to… continue reading.

New to running and diabetes

Running Diabetes: 10 initial things to consider with to T1D and running

I am a Type 1 diabetic runner, which means that I am insulin-dependent diabetes which I receive in specific doses using an insulin pump. I… continue reading.

Tarheel Ten Miler

Finally the Tarheel 10-miler, plus Double Down challenge

Today I completed my 1st Tarheel 10 miler, including the 4-miler before the main event to complete the Double Down Challenge for the extra bling…. continue reading.

Umstead 100 Carlos Candelaria

Tackling another 100 miles Ultra: Umstead 100

Yesterday morning I completed my 2nd 100 miles event. Once again, an amazing experience it was to tackle the 100 for the second time. Although… continue reading.