Cisco 5k virtual 2021 shirt

2021 Cisco 5k virtual this time

So as I have mentioned almost every single year the Cisco 5k was my 1st official running event. Also, it was the event that hook me into running eventually marking the beginning for me to work my way up to graduating into ultra running.

This month due to the current COVID Cisco Life Connection team decided to hold the event virtually instead of canceling. Like they did last year. This mid-November I set out to run the event and reflect around what these past years have been for me in regards to running. From barely finishing my first 5k close to the 35-minute mark to today where a 10-13 mile weekend run seems like a normal head out running training activity.

Although not in my optimal desired weight yet, I do realize that I am very fortunate to even with having Type 1 diabetes I am super healthy and have a great level of endurance.

Very thankful for the opportunity to run in events, to meet others, to have great friends in the running community, and to be able to help others even if it is just listening to their life issues, things that they are proud of, their viewpoints and perspectives and most inspiring their stories of achievement.

Thank you running.

Oct-21Cisco 5k virtualNC5k27:46

Event Highlight:

Course: The route very ample parking lot and then quickly turns into a narrow paved path and a few small hills.

Venue: The start/finish line virtual route.

Expo: No Expo

Weather: Overcast, 63º with 90% humidity.

T1D: Sugars within running range at start. Remained steady and trended all the way.


Pre-Race: Latte early morning.

Race: Water at the water fountain

Post: Normal lunch

Learning Points:

  • Keeping the tradition going even if it is virtual is more personal than anything else